1. Terracotta Pots for plants:

Terracotta pots for plants is a lovely gift to keep plants if your mother loves gardening.

Terracotta Pots

Price: Just Rs. 867 Only

2. iRobot Vacuum Cleaner:

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner is a very user-friendly choice to make in buying a vacuum cleaner. It manages obstacles and cleans by itself. Really an awesome gift to give mother.


Price: Just Rs. 26900 Only

3. Himalaya Rock Salt Lamp:

If your mom loves home decoration a lot. Then this is one gift that would beautify the home more.

Himalayan rock salt

Price: Just Rs. 789 Only

4. Tassel Drop Earrings:

A real fancy earring that every woman would like to wear is Tassel Drop Earring.

Ear ring

Price: Just Rs. 799 Only

5. Ray Ban Glasses:

A good quality sunglasses would suit a mother who loves to drive or even walk in summer.


Price: Just Rs. 3817 Only

6. Wireless Lighting:

If your mother loves lighting home with different colors or if there are so many children around. Having a Hue Starter Kit personal wireless lighting will give a great ambiance to the home.

Wireless lighting

Price: Just Rs. 10,498 Only

7. Mothers Day Pink CupCakes:

Pieces of wonderful cupcakes in pink. Showcasing love in the color of baby pink would express the fact that you are still a baby to your mother with love.


Price: Just Rs. 1149 Only

8. Cotton Print Scarf:

It is a very good compliment, wardrobe, premium cotton, very smooth, great design printed cotton scarf. It will be a good gift if your mom loves to travel to places.


Price: Just Rs. 450 Only

9. Fast Track Watch:

A pink dial fast track with white frame. Your mother will definitely love this gift, as it is with a good quality premium design. The right gift for mom, if she is going to work or traveling.

Fastrack watch

Price: Just Rs. 1,895 Only

10. Ferrero Rocher Bouquet:

A mother who loves chocolate?. Ferrero Rocher bouquet is an awesome gift to give your mom. It looks like any other normal bouquet, but inside it is 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher.


Price: Just Rs. 1,599 Only