Here comes my marriage story. Mine was purely an arranged marriage not even a single bit of ‘LOVE’. But after marriage "Love O Love".


My first sister called to his mobile (my hubby) and talked in English whether he is fluent in English or not and asking about his job. So her detective section is over. now its turn for My second sister and mama, they went directly to his office to enquire his job whether he is in right job and office (like detective nna vechikongle………)they didn’t stop shooting questions to him, they even enquired his office colleagues but not in front of him. finally they came to the conclusion or decision  that "he is the right person for LOKI i.e. me.


And the day came poonu pakrathu its on (04-12-2005) I was very much excited tat how he is going to look (already I saw him in photo but still…………), about his character, whether he likes me or not,etc……


poonu pakrathi anna sollava vennum………asusal my relatives started preparing hot-hot bajji,sojji and all…..cleaning the house. All are neatly well-dressed (especially me) and waiting for mapillai and his family. Time was running out but still we didn’t hear any horn sound (I mean car horn sound). Whenever my dad calling to them (asusal same dialogue)-"nanga traffic la mattikitum".i entered my bed room @11.00 o’clock and was fed up of doing make-up again and again.


Finally they reached our home @ 3.00 o’clock. my hands were getting chilled and started shivering.apparam appa,akka ellarum started welcoming them-"vanga…….vanga…..ookaringa……" and started serving them with water, tea etc……..after a while I heard a sound calling my name "loki… loki…..vellila va….." I just slowly opened the door and came out, immediately I hung down my head with shy  and walked slowly sat on mat. I was acting like a normal girl ( ana manasukulla dhik… dhik……)My MIL started first talking to me and her relatives. Till that I didn’t see his face, I jus saw his foot (its very pinkish).Then I thought "ok he is very much fairer than me”. Just a fraction of second I saw his face at the same time he too saw me, then within a min I changed my face direction and all elders asked me "do u want to talk to him personally"? I said "no….no"….

By nodding my head. Same question asked to my hubby and he said "if she is ready to speak then I am ok".


Suddenly my MIL,her relatives and my hubby went to another room and were gossiping………..after 10 mins they came out and said "engaliki ponnu romba pudichiruku".(cinema dialogue).now its my turn, all asked me the same question I said "OK".


Finally they announced my engagement date. the date is on 27-01-2006.but I am not at all satisfied in poonu pakratlia b’cos I didn’t see his face properly……and they started moving at tat time I thought he will say any words to me but he gave me a big BULB, without saying goodbye and a smile. ……..Enna pandrathu naanu avathu pesanum ellaia………. so I asked his mobile no. from one of his relatives and they gave me the no.


I was waiting for his phone call but waste of thoughts. After 3 days I got phone call from him, I only attended the call first he introduced himself and he asked me "who is this”?

 I said "this is loki here”.

 He said loki means lokeshwari……right.

I said "yes, but I hate 2 hear my full name”. So conversation stared like tat……….. 

I said “I didn’t see ur face properly so I want to see u again”

He said “even I would like to see ur face one more time shall I come to ur house tomorrow night @ 12.00 so that both of us can see faces clearly. U just stands on balcony I will come like a street/road “ROMEO”.

I said “what…………………!?

He started begging me………pls…. pls……dear.

I said “ok”.

So next day I was neatly dressed and was standing same time & place. Then my hero came on a bike by wearing specks and cap .OMG…………I thought for a second, “He is the guy who came on that day. He looks very much smarter than on that day”. He stopped riding his bike and standed at opposite side of the road. From opposite side he called to my mobile and asked me “enna ma ippo nalla pathitiya ippo thripthiya”.I said “yes very much”. He said “why are you standing in a dark place I am unable to see ur beautiful face cum closer to light side. Then suddenly one of my tenants switched on their bathroom light what he thought is “somebody watched me before they are going to recognize my face I have to move from here. So he rushed his bike fastly without saying tata……bye- bye”. It was funniest incident in my life. Atlast my engagement got over. My marriage date is fixed. The date is on 04-05-2006.we got 4 months golden time to understand each other. Finally pee…..pee….dum…….dum…….dum…… I am very lucky girl to have such a sweet and smart hubby. I am enjoying my married life with my son and hubby.I wish that this happiness should continue till my life.

this was taken on ooty(honeymoon trip)