My Marriage is arranged marriage. I saw my husband only on our First Night room only . Believe girls its true. More than me all my friends were very interested to see my Husband on the day of my Marriage . As I didn’t see him even at photo (I believed my mom that she never selects a wrong person for me). All my friends were kided me that I’m keeping over nambikai on my mom . I don’t bother them. I accepted my Mom’s choice. At the time of my marriage I was doing my Bcom through postal. My Engagement was on April 2005 & marriage on June 2005.

After my Engagement I had my semester exams. That time my husband spoked to my cousin’s mobile & informed him that he needs to talk to me. My cousin too passed the message to me, but I refused as I afraid of my mom (Over Nalla Pillai Vesham) .
But my husband called my mother & informed that he wanted to talk to me regarding to know the confirmation whether I like him or not . My mom too asked me to talk to him. No way to get escape . So I spoked to him with more nervous as first time talking to an unknown person (Though he is my Fiancée, never met him na. That’s why unknown person) .
He asked me the same question that whether I like him or not. How will I reply as I don’t know anything about him? Totally confused & also collecting my braveness I replied “I don’t know anything about you. Even I haven’t seen you. How can I reply your question?
Here the conversation follows…
Hus: Then how & why you accepted for the marriage?
Me: I believe my parents that they will never choose a wrong person for me.
Hus: Oh I see…. Then if your parents asked you to marry a Def or Dum means will you marry him too ?
Me: Yeah I will marry either he is def or dum or old man…Because my parents feel that he will match me & keeps me happily all over my life. That’s why…
Hus: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& finally I want to say one thing that is I Love you soo much & thank god very much for giving me a such a wonderful wife .
That’s it after that I doesn’t get even a single call from him .
On the day of our marriage how can I face him directly? I’m bride na. So faced him on our first night room only….
That time he was asking my likes & dislikes. I felt like he was my lecturer & I’m answering politely like his student . Also I informed him I need some time to understand him so till the time ‘NOTHING’ between us. He too accepted .
He came on just 30 days leave for the marriage . For me it took nearly 20days to understand him. But within a week he understood me my wishes, my likes & dislikes & as well respects my wish. On our 11th day of our marriage my MIL informed to stop my studies (since my hubby not a graduate), I was about to cry . But that time my hubby told his mother not to stop my studies & though its postal course, once I finished my studies only, he will take me to Kuwait . He went to Kuwait as per his scheduled date. I was physically happy in his home. Many thoughts of him disturbed me much(Felt this was love ).
Mean while I continued my studies too. After our marriage my hubby only paid for my studies . I wrote my Final Year exam on May’07 & got my result on 18th October’07 . With a surprise my hubby sent for me Visa on 21st October’07 & arranged my Travel on 31st October’07 . There starts our life & got “Sulaiman” as a precious gift for our life
Really my parents selected for me a lovely person  who feels for me, who respects me, who cares for me, who understands me, who loves me…..mmmmm what to say ?
No words to explain about him. As he got all qualities that I wished for
Girls, I started loving my husband  from the day one of our marriage that is when he gave importance to my feelings …But need to understand his likes & dislikes na. So took time .

Thanks God for giving me this stupid fellow as my Husband…