An active family lifestyle can keep kids and adults healthy while spending quality time together.

TV, computer and video games contrive to keep them inactive. Fears of stranger danger and lack of good pedestrian paths. Walking is often overlooked as an actual form of healthy exercise.


Benefits of family walks

Families can walk together and still enjoy pleasant conversation. Making walking a habit that your family enjoys will give your kids a long and healthy life!

One activity that is easy on aging joints and fun for the kids is walking through a local park. Keep the whole family healthy with family walks. If the park is within a mile or so from the home, walk to the park if it is safe. Once there, kids can play on the park toys or simply walk through the park. An active family lifestyle will help kids develop healthy exercise habits. If possible, bring along the family dog.

Families of nature enthusiasts may appreciate a nature walk or hike. Make the outing more fun by playing games focused on nature.

Have you go on a family walk?

1. Yes
2. No

How many times a week you go on a family walk?

1. 1 or 2 times
2. 3 or 4 times
3. 4 or 5 times
4. 6 or 7 times

What times do you prefer for a family walk?

1. Morning
2. Evening

Which place do you prefer for a family walk?

1. Parks
2. Beach
3. Others

Let’s evaluate your answers whether your child needs any attention. What are your strategies for having a family walk with your kids?  Give your comments, share your opinions for experts to analyze your valuable comments and give personalized feedback.