Spending quality time with daughters is not quite what it used to be for many mothers; nowadays, this time is more likely to be spent in front of a video game than anywhere else. However, this is not actually such a bad thing.

Research supports the idea of the familial benefits of gaming

The Brigham Young University recently conducted some research into this topic. Analysing almost three hundred families, with sons and daughters between the ages of eleven and sixteen, the study found that video games such as Mario Brothers, Wii Sports, Rock Band, Mario Kart and Guitar Hero were some of both the mothers and daughters’ favourite games and so resulted in them playing the games together on a regular basis.

During the time when the mothers engaged in these gaming activities with their daughters, it was discovered that the daughter‘s outlook towards their family and their overall temperament, improved. Although similarly positive effects were had on the male members of the family, the improvement was much more noticeable in the mothers and daughters. It was also revealed however, that on average, daughters usually spend more time playing cartoon games with their fathers than they do their mothers, despite the fact that playing these games with their mothers was likely to have a far more positive effect on their relationships. The reason why fathers tend to engage in this particular activity is that, generally speaking, more adult males than adult females enjoy gaming.

The key benefits

Playing video games provides a fun and relaxed situation in which a mother and daughter can improve upon their relationship. Communication is encouraged by the game itself, as themother and the daughter can strategise on the best moves for their respective video game characters and confer over challenges presented by the game. 

Generally speaking, it’s best to opt for games with a broad appeal, that are easy to grasp, so that regardless of the skill levels of the mother and daughter, both can enjoy the playing the game together. Dance, music, sports and cartoon games are usually good options, as these are usually enjoyed by a wide range of people, whatever their personal interests and hobbies happen to be.

Mothers that choose to embrace video cartoon games as part of their and their daughter‘s lives are more likely to find themselves enjoying a better sense of communication and cohesion than mothers who perceive videos games as a solitary, meaningless and idle pursuit. Seeing the world from other people’s perspectives, growing, empathising, learning, helping, cooperating and thinking   video gaming can help mothers and daughters to do all of these things.

So, if you’re a mother looking to spend more quality time with your daughter, do some research and look for games which you know your daughter will enjoy playing and that you as a parent are comfortable with and think about making gaming a part of your regular routine. The likelihood is, you and your daughter won’t merely have a good time   you will also create lasting connections and memories.

About the Author:

Mrs Rose writes regularly for several cartoon network websites, blogs and offline publications which includes Cartoon Network too. She has a small family and enjoys spending time gamingwith her children.