To start with DEC ‘ 4 2005 was the day i got a test done and it turned out positive.

Was i happy .I dont think any mother in the world can define that moment precisely.

The good news was that i got married in september and i conceived in december .what is so special about that? You may ask.

as soon as i got married in september my maternal grandmother passed away in october and the day she passed away was the day i had my last periods.

Imagine my joy and we all thought it would be a girl.

I shared the news with my family and friendsand very soon started hooking on to the most wonderful books and sites on pregnancy.

I never cared about milk or fruits but suddenly they were the most wonderful food on earth .

I started bloating thanks to my kid in my tummy and i had advice aimed at me left, right and center.

Luckily my chellam didn’t paduthify me .Yes  i did not vomit as other ladies and my pattu actually allowed me to enjoy those days!

I was very casual about it and used  to  ride home from work in a bus .(If i were to spend for an auto from gemini to nanganallur i think i would have built my own maternity hospital!) I felt so normal and i was loving every moment of it .

I continued bloating and i reached the magical no of 90 kg with my weight increasing week by week.

As my due date approached (july 30 2006) there was no sign of any painful symptoms associated with delivery.

I still remember the last checkup.It was on a thursday(27th july 6.00 pm) the doctor said if you do not experience any pain by sunday then get urself admitted on monday."

SAturday night i was watching TOm and Jerry and THE pain started around two am and went on till 11.30 am the next day.

I did not regret the pain.It all seems magical to me.I started chanting the few shlokas that i know and there i was pushing like mad and when my baby did come out i was so relieved and happy and joyful and senti and you can fill in any words that u find approriate. His cry was the most beautiful piece of music i have  ever heard

the anticlimax came then.We all thought it was going to be a girl and when the doc said it was a boy ,like a fool i said," Please take him back .I want a girl , i dont want a boy.If i go out with a  boy my sis would kill me !"

The doc was amused and actually berated my sister .she told her the virtues of having a boy.

the feelings changed towards mid afternoon and when the doc came on her rounds i was very reluctant to hand over the boy to her even for  A CHECKUP!

We brought him home ,named him Praanav and he gradually started twisting us around his little finger.

He has a sister now just as i wished for but he will always remain special because he gave me  a special status in life.

the status of a MOTHER!