In India, every girl is pressurised to get married when she turns 25 and the whole day they hear only 1 question and that is “When are you getting married?”

Girls have become more career focused and they have different priorities and they choose work before marriage. Now, 30 itself is too early for many and times have changed their perspectives.

Due to tremendous change in the thoughts of each generation, there is always arguments in daily life and it is due to pressure from parents. For them it is always YES and for the girls, a big NO.

However, the parents must learn how to convince their daughter to get married through shortcuts without all these mess at home. Here’s a video which depicts wonderfully how the parents convinced their 31-year-old daughter for marriage. The team has wonderfully created the plot and by watching the video, it will surely change the meaning of arranged marriage. They knew what their daughter wants and without any pressure they did it successfully.

Watch the video below…

On this women’s day special, this video has taught everyone a big lesson on what is important. Do you guys agree with it? Let us know what’s your take on this?

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Photo Courtesy: rajnikantvscidjokes