Women = Sacrifices!

I know many would disagree with this, but in our Indian society, I would strongly agree that women are the ones whose side of sacrifices are high compared to men. Here, I would like to share a woman’s story who sacrificed her whole life just for the society’s sake and finally has broken the chain. She has decided to live the life the way she wanted to. Her name is “Hima Bindu”

It is the story of being a Managing Director of a school to driving a taxi for livelihood.

Hima Bindu is from an orthodox Hindu family. She never got opportunities to explore during her teenage days due to lack of support from parents which she felt that exploring things would have helped her to come out of her innocence. Her parents wanted to get her married to a person close to their family and did not give a chance for her to decide her own life, though she had a lot of plans like to study further or to gain work experience before marriage. But, unfortunately, they got her married at the age of 21 to one of their close relative with no option left to her.

Soon, she realised that the relationship wouldn’t work. But still, she remained in the hell called marriage for the sake of her parents who cared much for the society rather left the wishes of their own daughter. Saddening part of life. Time passed, even though she wanted to leave the relationship, she still stayed in it for 12 long years due to emotional pressures from her parents.

At this point, I would like to ask every parent in the society that “Is your kids’ life is important or to be accepted in the society?”

Later, she started to focus on her career and her son. Her parents asked her to focus on her career rather leaving the relationship. Still, she was not happy with the decision but she found a way that career would be a way to be away from her relationship. She started a school and spent her whole time developing the school. Over a period of time, the school started to expand and she recruited a Principal. Soon, they both became closer as they had the same wavelength. But, her family started doubting them especially her husband as they spent time a way bit longer than she did with her family.

In fact, they both went on a three-week philosophical tour to the Himalayas. This trip helped her to strengthen her perspectives towards life and she realised spending time for oneself is must and important in one’s life. Personal space is more important and it need not with others is what she gained. She also understood the way she has to listen to her thoughts and act accordingly. So, this trip was an eye-opener for her and she became all set to go back home and strongly fight for her for the mistakes she had done to get away with the relationship.

Once she reached home after the trip, her husband started pestering her by insisting her to reveal the relationship with the Principal. Though she knew they never had such feelings for each other, she ended up saying that they both have some connection between them to make it use as a weapon to get out of the relationship. After this, his whole family threw her out of the house. She has filed divorce against him.

She misses her son and keeps getting threatening calls from her husband. She is been running behind the lawyer to get a divorce. She is losing out her finances and is managing by being in a small job i.e. driving the car.

She is having a bad time and she feels happy and proud that she took a right decision. She has a lot of plans for her future and she will never stop taking efforts. She has finally realised that no one can fit in her shoes.

Through this story, I would like to convey to the people who are reading this that, society will help you only if it is favourable to them. Never lose hope and try to fight for yourself. We, Women, need to buck up and stand for ourselves in this male chauvinistic and society ruled country. Live your life the way you want and stay happy forever!

Ups and Downs will be a part of the life and I am sure everyone goes through it and few swims through it. Hima Bindu, I would take her as an inspiration and would make sure to help out any women who are undergoing this phase in her life.

Hats off! Hima Bindu!

Photo Courtesy: The Better India