This IAS Officer is an inspiration for women in today’s world. She is one the great examples for government officers for being righteous in the job. She completed her IAS in 2010, by ranking fourth in the country.

The person is none other than, IAS Officer, T V Anupama, she took initiative to eradicate the adulteration of food in Kerala and has put the culprits behind the bars is an astonishing one to get inspired of.

Anupama is strict by nature and has taken action against illegal activities by traders by taking multiple rides on many places simultaneously to get hold of them.

By seeing these actions, many traders have stopped their productions and operations fearing the IAS Officer. No wonder, she collected 6000 adulterated products and produced before the court in just 15 months and has filed 750 cases against the illegal traders, who found themselves guilty for their actions.

Finally, would like to conclude by saying that, no one could take such courageous act like Anupama and would tag her as the toughest and ferocious IAS officer in the country.

Photo Courtesy: News Mobile