1New born dress– Always buy a wellcrow stitched soft cotton easy to wear outfits for the new born baby as one with buttons will cause discomfort to the baby.

2 New mom attire– I found the nighties with side opening zipper best for breast feeding the baby when u r at home.

3 Diapers -while u travel with the new born ,carry wipes along with extra diapers .If the baby has to soil the diaper,u may need to change it .I had to do it in a toilet when I was to fly between Delhi and chennai with my five month old Pranav and there was no child care room in Delhi airport.(there was a long queue outside the loo as it was winter time in Delhi).


    more will follow….


4 Nipples for feeding bottles: Pigeon brand nipples though expensive is better for bottle feed.It has small,medium sizes.

Here the size means size of the hole made in the nipple.If for a one month baby,only small size has to be used.If the medium size is used,there are chances of choking because of the excess flow of the feed.

According to the growth of the baby, the size should be changed.

5 Quick sterlisation/cleaning of feeding bottles:  It is a chore one has to get used to ,once the baby goes on bottle feed.To make the whole affair simple-

  1. Have atleast 3 different bottles.
  2. Buy a electric kettle to boil water.
  3. Put them in a wide mouthed large vessel ,and pour the boiled water and put the bottle,nipple and cap separately and keep for 10 minutes for sterlisation