As our skin and hair gets polluted so does our jewelry due to dust. It needs regular care in-order to keep them sparking new. Here are some home remedies that would help you keep your ornaments sparkling new.

To clean gold or white gold ornaments.


Ammonia to clean ornaments

You will get household ammonia easily at any supplier stores nearby.
Mix one part of water and one part of ammonia powder in a non metallic bowl.
Soak the gold / white gold ornaments in this liquid for half an hour.
Allow it to dry and wipe it with a soft cloth.


Toothpaste to clean gold jewellery

Using soft brush apply tooth paste in the fine etchings of the jewellery.
Brush slowly to remove the dirt
Wash it thoroughly in clean water
Allow it to dry and buff it with a soft cloth.

Dish washer

Dish Washer for cleaning jewellery

Take a cup of water and add some mild dish detergent in it.
Soak your gold ornaments into it for half an hour.
Then with a soft brush clean your ornaments.
Allow it to dry and wipe it with a soft cloth.


To clean Silver ornaments/ articles

• Take warm water in a bowl and mix laundry detergent which does not have bleach in it.
• Soak silver jewelry or articles in this liquid for a minute.
• Rinse it thoroughly, allow drying and buff with soft cloth

Baking Soda

baking soda to clean jewellery

• Make a paste of baking soda and distilled water is used to remove black oxides on silver.
• A soft cotton cloth, flannel or toothbrush may be used to clean this.

Toothpaste on a soft brush or cotton cloth is used for cleaning sticky grime.
Do not use toothpaste with anti-tartar or whitening properties.
Rinse with distilled water and dry, Buff with soft cotton cloth for shine.


Vinegar to clean jewellery

Take a bowl and line the bottom with silver foil.
Add salt and baking soda into the bowl.
Now add vinegar it would fizz so add gradually.
Mix all the ingredients until all granules dissolve.
Add boiling water wait for a second.
Now gently drop in the ornaments.
Wait for 15-20 min flipping over the ornaments occasionally.
Remove them and wipe them out.
They are now sparkling and new.


These methods are less harmful and more easily available methods that can be used to clean gold and silver jewelry and articles.