Summer Exercising

The summer is a splendid time to get out with your children and get healthy. Exposing yourself and your baby to the fresh air invigorates you into exercising and keeping you positive towards future workouts.

Taking your children with you on a workout may seem like a rough thing to do, but it is not! Working out with you children is simple to do when you use your stroller to do your exercises!

Baby Stroller

There are a few tips you can use to get the most out of your workout. Before utilizing these tips, make sure to invest in the best jogging stroller that will fit your needs and keep your kids happy and safe.

Tip #1: Look Up Exercises

We all know the basic aerobic and cardio workouts that you can do, but look up exercises that you can manipulate and use with your stroller. This will increase your motivation and encourage you to get active even if you have a stroller.

You can bring a yoga mat with you and when you park the stroller for a break, layout the mat and try doing pushups with your legs up, stretches with the handlebars and even try doing lunges while you move the stroller.

Any exercise you can try to do with the stroller will also add weight to your exercise, so you will also be working out your muscles. Find something you like to try; you can always try the exercise without the stroller before you try it and find that you do not like it.

Baby Stroller

Tip#2: Bring Healthy Snacks and Hydrate

Staying hydrated is necessary for your exercise adventures out in the sun! Bring at least two bottles of water for each person for every hour you plan to be exercising. Room temperature water is the best for hot days as cold water can shock your stomach and make you sick.

You can add fruit flavors to your water by adding in cucumber slices, lemon slices, lime slices, raspberries, strawberries, and more. Crush the fruit in your drink for more flavor.

Bring snacks along like granola bars, baked oatmeal squares, fruit snacks, fruit, and veggies. These are ideal for stopping for a picnic or a break and enjoying your surroundings. When your children see you eating healthy foods, they will want to do the same.

Tip #3: Include Your Children

Include your kids in your exercising as much as you can. You are jogging with them in their stroller, but when you stop to do your exercises, such as lunges or pushups, include your kids. You would not believe how fun it will become when you watch them trying to imitate you.

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Including your children also benefits your bond with your kids and makes you healthier and happier. Your children will feel a connection and bond between the activity you do together and will look forward to future outings.

Tip #4: Establish a Routine

It is important for your body to develop a routine when you begin exercising. Try to start at the beginning of the week and aim for a time when you think you can go each day of the week. By setting the routine into place, your mind develops a habit and follows the routine.

It is also good to keep a routine for your children because they will know what to expect and when. It will not be surprising or interrupt their activities.

Routines also help you to stay on target with your goals and your exercise. Your body will begin to crave your exercising if you start missing days or run late between your times.

Tip #5: Go to Different Places

It can become boring going to the same location day after day. Your mind needs visuals and stimulus more than you know. Once a routine becomes a chore, you begin to drift out of it and quit. Take the time to go to different parks, lakes, rivers, city sidewalks, and malls, just go to different places, so you do not get trapped into a routine you end up hating.

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There are sites on the internet where you can find out about hiking trails, parks, and pathways that you can exercise on. There are many places for you to visit and see so that your routine does not crash and burn, only your calories!

Healthier You

Utilizing these tips will help you achieve your workout goals and help you get fit throughout summer. The warm weather can make you dehydrate, so make sure to keep plenty of water on hand for you and your children.

Including them in some of the activities and providing them with different scenery will help engage them and keep them calm and happy throughout your exercise routine.

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While aiming for the same time every day, you should also aim to start on a Monday. The reality of workouts beginning on Monday is psychological and helps set the pace for the rest of the week, which makes it easier to keep your routine going.

What are some tips that you like to use for exercising in the summer?