It’s no news that Chennai is facing scorching heat this summer. Every single life in Chennai is facing the wrath of the sun year on year and each time it appears to be hotter than the previous year. If it is so tough for us humans, imagine the plight of poor animals and plants.

How are you helping your plants go through the horrible summer? The guys in the Facebook group “Grow Your Own Veggies” had an interesting discussion on small hacks you can do at home to save water and to help plants this summer.

Here are 20 excellent ideas that we have curated from the discussion:

1. Plan growing varieties based on seasons and climates. This way we would reduce picking varieties that demand a lot of water.

2. Use water from your cooking. This is a good way to recycle the existing water.

3. Keep a watch and try to sprinkle water on the plants every now and then. Its just like we humans sprinkling water on our face when it is too hot.

4. If possible reduce the sun exposure. It is good to keep the plants facing eastern sun.

5. Make a canopy with used sarees or dhotis. Sprinkling water on the canopy will reduce the temperature below it. This again reduces the need for watering the plants regularly.

6. Have a height based system. The taller sturdy ones can form a shadow for the smaller ones near it.

7. Try to keep the plants away from walls or metal fencing. There is a lot of heat radiating from these.

8. Make small holes in the pots to create aeration for the plants. This will take the water more down instead of it evaporating fully.

9. Make sure the soil is moist. Not too wet and slushy or not too dry and compact.

10. Keep the plants closer to water bodies. The chill effect can help.

11. Additionally, keep small containers filled with water. This way it can help the plants and also feed the birds.

12. Avoid applying anything that has a lot spice.

13. Use mini sprinklers if possible. It can reduce water usage and can also be a regular shower.

14. It is important to use a lot of dried leaves (nothing green) to retain water in your soil.

15. Huddle up pots as close as possible on a terrace garden so they will create needed shade and vapour pressure for them.

16. Use soil filled pots around the growing pots so that they will act as heat insulators for the pots with plant. This way plants will be much comfortable.

17. Water when needed and never allow them to wilt and take a water shock.

18. If dry leaves attract and house ants under them, use Citrus leaves or Neem leaves. Alternatively, you can add dried lemon peels to this bunch.

19. Keep a vessel/bucket under all the taps where you wash your rice, hands, veggies etc. Make sure there is no soap, chemicals or artificial elements mixed in this. Use this for watering your plants. You will be surprised to know that you can collect almost 1 bucket of water on average everyday. This will be good enough for around 15 medium-sized pots.

20. Use waste water from your RO water purifiers and condensed water from AC units to water your plants. It’s a common opinion that RO water is too hard for plants. In those cases, small trees can easily accept this. Alternatively, you can also use this water to hydrate all other areas in your home garden apart from the plants. This will keep the garden environment cool and fresh.

I found these ideas extremely useful and I hope you too do!

Ideas source: GYOV on Facebook