Hi moms,

    Yesterday one of our family friend came to my house with their whole family members, they have 2 kids, elder  boy studying 3rd standard and younger one doing lkg. we all are take evening snacks and just talking about our family matters..that time kids are watching comedy show of vadivel i think every one knew about this comedy (a small girl ask vadivel to blow baloon after bursting she block mail vadivel and bring many dolls and toys ..the words which that girl using also like a big women..) … after seeing that comedy our friend elder daughter came between us and acts same like that girl and speak…and also she contineously doing like that.. that time every one laugh only but when we think this ,it is not good to children and it is creating negative thoughts between children..

From my point of view now a days many program,comedy,movies are creating many negative impacts on the children and youngsters…but i wont tell every  movie or program but some films like this are making bad impression on children which leads to their bad future.

Do children in today’s world get exposed to unnecessary content..

What you say moms? what is your opinion/views ? please share here.