Schools have be started for this acedamic year. kids who are joined in new to school will refused to go school..  Here are 10 way to make them to enjoy in school. By giving our children all these following  things which they are needed in school.They will really love to go to School And they enjoy in the school..

Meeting their everyday needs



                                             Meeting their everyday needs

 All kids need the basics of life – like food, warmth, shelter and clothing.So feeding them when they’re hungry

 Feel safe and secure


They also need to feel loved and secure.For thet we make children feel safe by meeting their basic needs..Hugs and cuddles help children to feel safe and comforts them.

Love and hugs


 Holding your children, picking them up, hugging  them, sitting them on your lap, kissing and cuddling, are all good ways to show that you care.

Plenty of praise


Just praise them when they do well at something and  when they do wrong, Just make them to understand which is corect and it has to de done,instead of scolding. Then they feel happier and more secure too.




Give a lots of smiles to a new baby ,and smiling will be one of the first things they learn to do for you. A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside..






It’s good to talk and sing to babies from the time they are born. A gentle voice helps your child to feel relaxed and secure.When you talk to children they soon start learning words themselves. The more you talk to them, the more they will learn.








Talking to your baby makes them to listen..Then their listening power will also be increased.




Learn new things:





Teach them new things..Make them interest to learn new things by telling stories,singing some drawings.




Take care of their feelings




Sometimes you might feel tempted to laugh, to tell them ‘not to be silly’.  What they really need is for you to comfort them and give them a simple explanation.




Rewards and special treats




The best reward for being good is getting your time and attention..You can gift scrapbook about your Children.Because they love stories about themselves .  



"Follow up these ways to make your child to enjoy the school and also Increase your kids Interests and Talents too…."