Hey ppl this forms the first blog int his group
…reading the question from our mom yvij as to " Is it unlucky to have a tortoise enter the house?" and gayathri’s reply to it made me realise that we need to know more because our world is filled with so many beliefs and we follow them for unknown reasons…
Thanks gayathri for the exhaustive reply….
The meaning of this type of believes should be think in deep manner.

in outer view it may give very easy meaning like tortoise must not enter in side home.
but i hope it has deep message.
If u r a tamilian " AAMAI puguntha veedu urupudathu"
here AAMAI — கல்லாமை
–இயலாமை etc.
in one film comedy actor vivek touch this topic



In the recent watching TV9 Kannada, Entering in house is good for prosperty and health. And in the village(Kollar Dist) many of them do pooja when it comes to their house.

Source : Yahoo answers.


The tortoise is a symbol of longevity, protection, support, wealth and prosperity. In Feng Shui, the tortoise signifies the protective hills of the North as well as the back support that ensures the house stays firm and strong. The tortoise was also the bearer of the magical Lo Shu square of numbers said to have been carried on its back and brought to the attention of Fu Hsi, the first legendary emperor of China to whom is attributed the authorship of the Book of Changes or I-Ching upon which all Feng Shui theory is based. The tortoise is said to conceal, within its body and the design motifs on its shell, all the secrets of heaven and earth. Place the tortoise in the North sector of your house for good life and good fortune!

Source:  http://www.fsmegamall.com/index.php?action=item&id=181&prevaction=category&previd=17&prevstart=0



Lord Vishnu as  Koorma (Tortoise )avatharam … think that God has entered ur house … so relax and no worries…


will search for more answers and let u know if i find anything useful.