10 minutes before I reach my destination, I always scurry into the lavatory and open a little pouch full of makeup items. I re-apply lipstick, eyeliner and compact. Plane or train, this has always been my routine. Over the last few years, I’ve learnt a thing or two on arriving in style, and stopped relying solely on makeup to make an impression.

The tips given below are followed not just by me, but also by my friends and have been mentioned by several beauty and style experts around the world.


Before you begin your journey, moisturise your skin – especially your face. This is one time when it’s perfectly okay to use moisturiser liberally. Travel means changes in air and temperature, so your skin must be moisturised throughout.

Avoid foundation and heavy makeup

On the day of your journey, avoid applying foundation or any heavy makeup products. By doing so, your skin will remain unclogged and fresh.

Drink more water

Stay hydrated for your journey. Drink lots of water on the day of your journey and ask for one or more bottles of water on the flight or train. It’s okay to visit the restroom more than once because that’s a good sign too.

Keep your hands clean

This is a no-brainer. Always carry a pocket hand sanitiser and squeeze two drops in your palms regularly. Trains are nothing but dirt and rust on wheels, and while planes make look neat, you don’t really want to take a risk, do you?

Protect your lips

Lips are prone to cracking especially while travelling. So, remember to apply lip balm generously. It would be wise to keep a small tub of Vaseline or your favourite lip balm product handy.

Blot and cleanse

Your face will most likely become oily by the time you reach. So, always carry some blotting sheets or wet wipes.

Sleep it off

We don’t usually feel like sleeping when we travel, especially if it’s a train journey. But, it is very important that you get some quality shuteye to ensure that you are fresh the next morning. You can also carry a sleep mask and a neck pillow.

Tie your hair loose

My hair used to become frizzy upon arrival. I’m sure that you too have had a similar problem. So, I took my friend’s advice and wore a loose topknot. Guess what, it worked!

Eat right

I’m not just referring to in-flight or train food but also food you eat on the day you travel. Avoid cheesy, fried and salty items as they have a direct effect on your face. Instead go with fruits, vegetables and nuts. My friend packs a trail mix to nibble on during her flight.

Control puffy eyes with ice

For most of us, puffy eyes are inevitable. So, instead of pulling out your eyeliner and under-eye cream, simply get an ice cube and some tissues. Roll the ice cube in a tissue and hold it under each eye for 30 seconds. Can’t find ice, get some cold water, wrap a portion of the tissue around your forefinger and dip it in the water. Hold your finger gently under each eye for the same time.

Wash off before bed

If your travel involves an overnight’s journey, wash your face before going to sleep and ensure all makeup is removed. This will allow your skin to breathe at night.

Smell good

Even if you’re in an air-conditioned plane or train, your body will start to show off mild odour. It’s natural. But, remember that while it may be mild from outside, the odour can be stronger on skin level. So, keep a roll-on handy and gently apply around your armpits in circular motion. After that, spray some perfume over your clothes, especially over the affected parts.

Above all, journeys can be stressful. Remember to keep your mind clear. Stress can sometimes cause issues to your skin. So, it’s essential to travel with a smile in order to arrive like a queen!