Hi Friends,
This is quite a late blog regarding our Goa trip but i think i hv posted
 it before it is too late.
Recent question from Latha arouse interest in me to post this.
We planned our trip in the last week of may 2010 so that we can spend our
summer holidays in my mom’s and mom -in – laws place and then finally end
it with this trip.
My in-laws too joined us (both r above 70 and it was like a religious trip
for them).All of us were waiting eagerly for that day to come and we were very
much excited for it was our first travel together by air.
Petrina was really scared and it became worse when we were boarding the
flight for she started to scream in high pitch saying" naan ivalo periya
aeroplane la varamaataen, chinna aeroplane la polam".I just escaped along
with my in-laws ,it was my hubby who was consoling her.Our co-passengers
really felt pity for the lil one with a smile on their faces.
Finally she felt safe and happy when she sat in the middle,i was particular
in occupying the window seat.
We reached Goa in an hour around 4 pm ,our cab was waiting and it was an hour
travel to the place where we stayed.
I hv to specially mention abt our place of stay.It is in divar island where
we hv to cross a river by a ferry which carries around 6 cars,few bikes at a time
,sometimes even a mini lorry.just a few minutes to cross the river and there
we land in a beautiful island ,with beautiful houses,garden.
This house belongs to a couple(Jan Bostock and Arthi) where they r closely in touchwith bollywood.And YES!!Jan is a foreigner and he acts in small roles in hindi
movies and their kids(Alisha 9 and Anya 5) too accompany their dad for few roles.
Infact Aishwarya,Hrithik,A R Rahman too hv visited their house and u can see their
photos hanging there as a proof.Even when we visited  Jan was in mumbai busy actingin a movie, it was his wife ,kids and Jan’s mom who received us.We spent that evening there in the garden going around looking at mango tree with full of mangoes hanging, jackfruit tree with jackfruits and many plants with beautiful flowers.
Dinner was very good, they hv 3 guys to help them out in all work.
Had a sound sleep and woke up early morning for we dont want to miss
the early morning beauty of that place.We were served with hot tea..What a pleasantmorning it was!!!!
Then we started to visit few churches…and YES..Goa was full of churches that too soooo
high, so biiiiig…with beautiful gold plated work inside especially the Altar.My in-laws
joy knew no bounds.
Had a goan lunch in one of the best hotels(my hubby has already been there for a conference)
We ordered for meals,they served chappathi, naan, roti, paratha,,,etc except RICE.I was waiting
eagerly for rice but there was no sign of it.ofcourse there were so many side dishes in small cups
but i lost my patience and asked for it.Then they served basmati rice but to my dismay it did
not go well with any of the side dishes(cud not identify what were they).
After that we visited a fort called AGUADA FORTRESS.,an old fort .
Later in the evening ,booked tickets to travel in the cruise and it was a pleasant boating for anhour with some Goan performances on stage
Thats it for the first day,we decided to go back home for it will take atleast an hour again to reach.
So we decided to spend the next day there at home itself and go for sight seeing after 3 pm.
It was indeed very good at home, my hubby and Petrina along with Anya and Alishaenjoyed swimming in the pool.Petrina doesnt know to swimm but she enjoyed playing in the water.Had a yummy lunch with little wine and a short nap after that.
They had a dog and a cat ,both were very friendly with us but looking at them i was really scared,whereas
both were always at the back of us especially the dog was coming and lying down beside me always.
In the evening we visited few beaches,where water sports was available
and we were enjoying just by looking at the water scooters(My God!!!how fast it went into the sea splashing
the water with a loud sound)and parachutes flying.
No sundal or corn or ice creams available there.
did shopping near the beach side ,got few dresses (goan skirt, frock ) in dashing colours for Petrina.
Another important thing we got there was,NUTS.Pistas and cashews at cheap rates.
we winded up our tour there and came back home.
Next day morning our flight got cancelled, we were sent to mumbai and spent a day in mumbai is  another jackpot
for us.

Jan A Bostock

This is the contact no.

per room cost was Rs 2600 which includes breakfast ,light lunch and dinner.Rs 600 extra for pick up drop from and to airport.They will arrange a cab for sight seeing per day Rs 1500(negotiable).