All of us know that Dec 26 2004 was a day of destruction coz of tsunami attack, but it was a day of construction of  a new relationship in my life… …wondering what it is??yes, thats the day when i met my hubby for the first time in my life…(Mine was arranged marriage and that was the day when he came for "ponnu paakardhu"). And u know what??my home(now my mom’s home) is located in triplicane and the Marina beach is just 3 minutes walkable from my mom’s home. U can imagine what tension we had that day. At 7:15 am, suddenly, we heard many people yelling, shouting and crying. My mom and i went to our terrace to see hundreds of people crying wandering here and there, all their shelters (gudicsai) had been washed away by tsunami. This calamity created a bigger calamity in my mom’s mind. So she rang up to my in-laws home(chrompet) to say that they can come some other day, not today. But the landline was ringing …no one picked up the call and we guessed that they had already started and proceeding towards my home. My hubby had a cell but we did not know that coz it was not mentioned in his horoscope…..

Oh God, we waited and waited and waited. They never came. They started from home at 7:00 am it seems because they had to go to Nanganallur, pick up my sis in law from her home and then travel to my home. They did not give us a call because they did not carry our landline number which was mentioned in the horoscope it seems…. We dint know what to do..After 4 hrs, we heard a knock and there came my hubby,his parents, my sis in law and her kutty son. We were so happy to see them. They informed that that they were travelling in a van and coz of this Tsunami, heavy traffic jam and no place for the van to move, So, they had to park the van near Royapettah hospital and had to walk till my home . So Sad…

Me and my hubby were allowed to talk in a separate room and guess what was the first topic we spoke about?? it was Tsunami…..Both of us shared the same wave length sharing feelings about this and felt sorry for the people.

After a day, they agreed and the marriage went on well. Every year, though we may forget this experience, the radio and TV reminds us this day and the incident….

There is a line in one of the movie songs…it says "tsunami pole en vaazhvil vandhale"….when my hubby heard this , he said this is more apt for us than for the hero and heroine…..

Hey moms, if ur was arranged marriage, do share ur experience about how ur day was when u and ur hubby (that time a stranger) met for the first time. If urs is love marriage, the day when u shared ur love and decided to marry…..