Housewarming is a grand ceremony. Your host shows you around the house, tells you what their plans are for each room and then, there’s a puja, which is immediately followed by breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of the ceremony. The only drawback for me is that I often have no idea on what to gift them. There was a period during which I used to gift only coffee mugs for housewarming. I bought plain white coffee mugs and had the hosts’ names printed on them. It was a cheap idea and the novelty soon wore off.

Nowadays, whenever I’m invited to a housewarming, I think really hard about the person and try to figure out if there’s something they don’t have. Problem is, everyone is thinking the same. So, I end up calling my sister, who is a genius with these things and she helps me out with them.

To make sure that you don’t run into trouble again, I’ve sat down with several people to pick out some of the best items on Amazon India that you can gift at the next housewarming ceremony.


1. Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo
This product is so simple that it does not require any installation. It can chop anything like chillies, tomatoes, onions with stainless steel blades. It also shuts itself down automatically once done.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1379 only


2. Philips Daily Collection Slice Pop-Up Toaster

This can warm anything too. It can warm rolls, buns and pastries. It can toast any bread type. It has magnificently 2 large slots with 8 settings. It can give Golden Crispy Brown Toast every day.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1995 only


3. Exotic Green Indoor Plant Haworthia Succulent

Succulents are the best way of getting fresh air in the house. They just need a little sunlight, so they can be kept under the shade. They need watering twice a week. The pot here is made with high quality ceramic mixture.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 629 only


4. Indian Decor Invisible Shelves

This is a very special innovative bookshelf which does not occupy space at all. It is invisible as if it is floating in the air. It’s very handy for vertical stacking. It comes with 150 mm wide shelves, which are a set of three. Its height is 150 mm and depth is 125mm for each shelf.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1299 only

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5. Nature Forever Birdfeeder

It would be wonderful to see birds fly up to our house, eat food. This would be encourage neighbourhood to create an awareness for birds. This can be mounted on any wall, window, balcony or tree. It is really comfortable and consumes less space.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 325 only


6. Illume Essential Tin Candle

The scent that these candles provide is heavenly. They are an all-natural blend of beeswax, essential oil and coconut wax. They can be taken while travelling. They have a contrasting metal lid to contain scent. It also creates a bright fragrance.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 699 only


7. Cipla Plast Folding Aluminium Ladder

It is usually difficult to keep things up in any home. Many times we need proper support to carry things to top shelf. This Aluminium ladder would make it easy at the same time safe to carry things. This is made up of Aluminium Alloy which does not allow it to rust.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 2899 only


8. King International Stainless Steel Knife Block Bamboo

It might sound like a normal gift. But having knives that could last for years and knives of different purposes is a wonderful gift. It has 7 pieces of tools for cutting, chopping, slicing and everything. It is also one of the ideal kitchen accessories.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 2899 only


9. Sattva XXXL Bean Bag

This bag is really comfortable, say it work or home. It has premium stitching with a soft leatherette fabric. It can easily bear weight up to 120 Kg. It is relaxing to sit on this at any time.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 829 only without beans


10. Mpow Buckler Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker

This is a wonderful gift that every music lover must have in the bathroom. It has been designed as Shockproof, Splashproof and Dustproof. It can also be used outdoor. It can also be used to pick up a call as it has a mic. It’s operated by Bluetooth.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1768 only


11. Monogrammed Cutting Board

This can be used for food preparation and also serve. Anything can be cut in this, from cheese to any food. The wonderfully carved monogram does add an element of personalization. It requires very low maintenance, just washing it with soap is enough.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1445 only


12. Pitaara Box Dark Autumn Leaves – Digital Print

Each piece is unique. It is very rare, having a unique style and packaging. This is digital printed artwork. This box offers a lot of artworks, canvas prints, wall posters, digital paintings, etc. It has a creative art approach for every occasion.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1219 only