Hi all

Here I have posted some tips on vaasthu

  • For the main door the ideal direction is east or north or northest…
  • Placing the Laughing Buddha in any direction facing the entrance will brings prosperity and good Fortune .

  • In your bed room Bed should have a solid wall behind you.It simply means you can go into deeper sleep and when you wake up you feel fresh and Brisk..

  • Keep crystal globe on your table for global opportunities.

  • Shoes and slippers should not be scattered over the house which results to clash and quarell

  • Never leave a leaking tap anywhere in your home as it drips out your money. Any leaking tap must be immediately fixed.

  • Keep your refrigerator clean and always throw away old and spoilt food. Old and spoilt food emit negative energy in your food and house.

  • Avoid round and oval shaped dining table.

  • Use the following colors for the respected rooms




Hope You will get an idea.!!!!!!!!!