Avoid keeping a T.V. set in bed-room

Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bed room. Do not use seperate mattresses and bed-sheet

Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room.

Never put mirror in kitchen

Do not keep prickly cactus, plants in the house

Place an aquarium in the sourh-east corner in living room

The seat in the latrin should be NORTH-SOUTH.

In the office, sit facing the door.

Hang a picture of mountains behind you in the office

Place the computer on your right side on the table

One should never hoard stale food, withered flowers, torn clothes, waste paper, waste materials, empty tins, old jars and useless things.
These things prevents Lakshmi from entering the house.


Marble is considered to be holy stone. Use marble in the worshiproom. If possible avoid marble in bedroom, bathroom, latrine.