I did watch .. sorry we did watch the show yesterday… This is the first time… my family let me watch a show completely which is not on a Malayalam or English news channel!!!!…


Though both the team looked great.. all the new age moms looked chic… looking at them itself was a treat… just like having a "Honolulu Cooler" in hot summer!!!!  Sayee you looked chubbier than our Jackpot show.. Bhavani… whadda pose man!! You looked sooo stylish!  The real mother with wings on feet! I could also get only Sayee, Bhavani, Vaidehi, Vai’s mom, Sayee’s mom (I first guessed from her saree.. then I crosschecked with Nandu’s birthday fotos in orkut).. as Chitra’s face was not clear in her display pic, I couldn’t get her in that crowd… also Jayashree.. but now, yes! I recognized Jayashree…. Wife of "Handsome Shankar!" aha aha! antha thudukkuthanam was so great when she explained how good her handsome husband looked… (Inime no excuse.. seekram unga sweet nothings podunga.. with Handsome Shankar’s display picture.. we cant wait more!!!)… Dolpy and Chitra I still couldn’t remember… tell me any answer they gave…


From Vai’s first description.. (the one she posted before the show), I guess the best is yet to come!.. all she described were not there yesterday..


Sayee… nee pesine.. analum.. yeh Dil Maange More!… When you said you learnt malayalam in two months, my husband turned to me and asked in disbelief.. "Did she?"… I showed him your comments in my orkut photo… he is convinced! …he also was convinced that u are one who swim against the current.. when u raised your hand and said.. "Nan otthukkren!…"


Things I liked most:


1.  I loved that "vekkam…" … Oh my God..!!! it was a roaring laughter at home.   I don’t know if you guys missed another vekkam… Gopinath missed it, but the camera captured it.  Vai’s mom said "appa" and bit her tongue in vekkam while passing the mike!!… We enjoyed that too!.. she kept on giving a mysterious smile whenever Vai spoke!.


2.  Each of the new mom represented the new era of moms.. bold, beautiful, dutiful, responsible and very fun loving!




The two things I DID not like in the show


1.  That MIL boasting her cooking and embarrassing her DIL in such a show!!! Appdi oru tharperumai kattikkra idama athu!…sick! and that DIL was not prepared for such an embarrassment at all that she did not know how to react to it… (I just thought Sayee nna veluthu kattiyiruppa nnu…but nethikkennavo Sayee Nandhu mathiri (Nandhi illai.. Nandhu.. chinna pappa nnu mean panninen) ukkanthiruntha ange….) At least Gopinath should’ve avoided stretching that issue .. calling her husband inside… Poor man!! what will he say!!! Even if I was in his position, I would’ve said amma.. even if I liked my wife’s cooking and I loved my wife most!!… because wife kitte oru bedroom sandayil convince pannikkalam.. but the mom’s generation has high ego.. and gets easily hurt!…. anyway.. that was embarrassing!  Show mudinjappravum they have a life, family and they have to see each other…  I felt so paavam for that female but that lady in orange check shirt came for her rescue… and I felt better.. I too wish to know her name.. I just loved all her answers.. and the point she said here is 100% correct… such conservative mothers like to be praised for their cooking which they mastered over YEARS…. that they do everything themselves, blame others for not doing it, and encourage comments praising her that she is unmatchable.. many such faces flashed through my mind as she was giving her comment!


2.  The too much harping on a glass of water.  Tradition, love, affection.. whatever the reason they give it, I still go with Sayee and Bhavani’s point.  Yes, our tradition says that a glass of water should be kept when food served…but nowhere is it written that the men shouldnt keep it there!! I say this always at home too!… kadaikku poi kai vangi vanthu cut panni samaichu plates le serve panni vacha kayye alambi antha thatte eduthu sapdrathu than men’s job? Athum silaneram they don’t even have time to come to the dining table.. they want it served right in front of the TV that they don’t miss even the commercials!!! I have this strict rule that they should get the water for themselves.. father and son.. I even remind them while they go to wash their hands.. still they forget.. they enjoyed when Gopinath was explaining it as a tradition, culture, gesture of love blah blah.. that they applauded him.  (We had dinner after the show… I brought the water jug and the glasses and asked them to bring the food from the kitchen… I said I have filled the culture and love in each glasses and left the less important things to them…. They agreed to follow as we did before…!)


3.  Duties of a mother starts with food and ends with food? Vaikku rusiya sappadu, nerathukku sappadu, pothumnnu sonnapravum sappadu, sapapdu this, sappadu that…..I liked that new age mom’s tit for tat there.. that all this sappadu includes vathakulambu mor kulambu sambaru!

They blamed that the new moms sit with the husband when they would be still cooking inside as made the guys overeat.. nothing left for them.  What would a husband prefer? Sitting with them and all having food together (its more on the dining table the family discuss lotsa things.. rite?) or shuttle inside the kitchen always due to lack of planning?


Overall, on the show.. I found the conservative mothers argumentative, blaming and high BP hymavathis losing their temper most often… and the new age moms were very level headed, very informative, pretty cool… Hope to see the same next week too…