Belly getting bigger, Pregnant in Summer?. It is true that summer pregnancy is not easy, but not to worry, here are a few tips which can help you not only feel better but also feel confident during pregnancy during summer time. Specific & Easy tips are here to cope up any problem in summer.

Following these tips, one can face any situation easily in summertime pregnancy and cope with it. Always remember to call the doctor when drinking cool water or electrolyte replacement liquid does not solve dizziness, fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, or excessive thirst.

1. Drink Water

Drink lots of water during summer, if it’s difficult to drink plain water all the time, then add flavor to water and drink. You can add a slice of orange or lemon or a sprig of mint.

2. Fresh Fruits

Eat a lot of Fresh fruits like Watermelon, Honeydew, etc. Also include Vegetables like Cucumber, Carrot, etc in the diet. These will help to keep you hydrated and cool.

3. Feet Up

In Summer, Swelling which is very common in pregnancy can get worse. Remember to keep your feet up in summer, this can prevent the heat from entering the body.

4. Proper Sandals

Try to buy new Sandals ensuring that they are a proper fit for you. Go for Flip-Flops, special Sandals for Pregnant Ladies, etc. Remember to buy them without heels.

5. Apply Sunscreen

During Pregnancy skin is very sensitive. Always remember to wear Sunscreen.

6. 50 SPF

Make sure to use sunscreen which has at least 50 SPF.

7. Mandatory Skincare

Sunscreen is not a luxury, it is mandatory. Even if the weather is mild, don’t forget to wear the Sunscreen.

8. Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful exercise, this can reduce the temperature a lot in summer.

9. Dressing

The dressing is important in Summer. Wear comfortable, lightweight and breathable maternity dress.

10. Full-Sleeved Clothes:

Be sure to wear Full-Sleeved Clothes or Loose-Sleeved Clothes. this does not make you sweat actually.

11. Evaporation of Sweat

Wearing Full-Sleeved Clothes aids evaporation of sweat and protects the body from the heat of the sun.

12. Hat

The hat really helps to bring down the body heat by protecting you from the Sun.

13. Frequent Showers

Body heat can also be reduced a lot by taking Frequent quick showers in Summer.

14. Short Haircut

Long hair is not only difficult to maintain but it actually increases the body heat. Go for a new short haircut, visit the nearby stylist.

15. Vacation

Try to go for a vacation with the partner. Go for a cool place. Make sure that it is nice and fun.

16. Consult doctor for vacation

If you want to travel anywhere, always consult the doctor before going on a vacation. It is very crucial. Remember to follow the doctor’s instructions during the trip.

17. Walking

Try to go for early morning walk as the weather is generally cool during morning hours.

18. Meditation

Early morning meditation also reduces stress, as the mind is generally calm in morning. And also it is good for the body, away from the heat of the day.

19. Water activities to avoid

Just because swimming is good, do not go for Scuba diving, Hot Tubs, Water-Skiing, etc.

20. Other activities to avoid

There are a number of activities that should be avoided like Gymnastics, Bicycling, Saunas, Surfing, Running, Amusement Park Rides, Horse Rides, etc.

21. Sunstroke or Heatstroke

If you face Sunstroke or Heatstroke then, it is important to seek relief immediately.

22. Remedy for Sun-Stroke

A spoon of Onion Juice or Sipping Green Tea, etc are the remedies that can be followed for HeatStroke. The damage caused by sun’s rays can be neutralized by these potent antioxidants.

23. Maintain constant temperature

Do not keep switching unnecessarily between Hot and Cold places. This might strain the body as the body constantly strains itself to maintain temperature, especially the falls and spikes in temperature.

24. Water-Filled Squirt Bottle:

Whenever you feel warm, squirt yourself using a Water-Filled Squirt Bottle, this can reduce the body heat.

25. Breathing Pattern:

Breathing actually helps to let go of heat. Having a good breathing pattern really helps. Try to breathe normally, not too rapid nor too slow.

26. Avoid Mid-Day Sun:

Never go out in the sun during the noon or afternoon. This increases the chance of getting Sunburn.

27. Electrolyte Replacement Liquid:

Remember to drink Electrolyte Replacement Liquid or one eight-ounce glass of water for every hour spent outside in hot weather.

28. Pre-caution

It is best to go indoors when you feel the first sign of dizziness, fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, or excessive thirst. Then drink cool water or electrolyte replacement liquid. In case not feeling better then call doctor soon.

29. Never take diuretic Substances

Never take any diuretic substances. Diuretics might result in electrolyte loss and cause danger to the fetus.

30. Minimize Salt

Reduce salt in diet but do not eliminate it from the diet. Salt contains an essential element for the health of the fetus which is iodide.

31. Keep moving

Don’t stand in the same place for a long time.

32. Avoid Constrictive Clothing:

Never wear Constrictive Clothing. It is really important not to wear constrictive Clothing around the waist.

33. Gel Mask

When you feel you need to cool down, try a gel eye mask. Keep the mask in fridge or freezer, then use it.

34. Footspa

Use cold water in foot spa instead of hot. This will really help.

35. Birth-pool-in-a-box:

A Birth-pool-in-a-box really reduces body heat a lot. And it is easy to carry too.

36. Cold water and Wet Flannel:

Use a wet flannel on forehead and back of your neck, make sure that it is wet. Cool your pulse points using cold tap water. This will reduce the temperature soon.