Hot Wheels SpinShotz


I am not quite a fan of Hot Wheels cars, but the Hot Wheels Spinshotz range took me by surprise. Spinshotz are typically an evolved version of the traditional table tops. They are innovative new hyper discs!


While the Spinshotz look more like Beyblade they are more in terms of speed, jumps and stunts. They come in some really cool colors and designs. This is surely a unique concept and it is fun to see these discs racing on tracks instead of cars.


Why is this fun for kids?


Each Spinshotz set comes with Spinshotz discs, launchers and additional battle fields. The discs are easy to launch and spin with great speed. To my mind this is a great addition to the Hot Wheels line and kids would love to see the discs battling in the battle field. More over the Spinshotz make for a great collectible item.


My favorite Soinshotz set is the Spinshotz Big Air Target Takedown. This set comes with 1 Hot Wheels Spinshotz, 1 launcher, track and a bulls-eye target. The basic mantra of this set is to hit the bulls-eye with the Spinshotz disc. This is an interesting set and helps kids to strategize and think while they aim at the target.