Hi friends, What is your plan for this new year celebration please share just to know ur plans , me and my family members planned to celebrate new year this year in a different manner ,we are in flats so we organised some game shows,dance and singing competition and new games for kids and old age people too since kids and old age people cant wake up till 12:00 we informed them to eat and sleep at afternoon and wake kids at 8 and the program commences at 9 and ends at 12. At 12 we wil enjoy new year and will go to there homes.and next day each and everyone will prepare different dishes and assemble in the ground and have lunch and will have some pattimandram and some anthakshari and evening 6 we will play movie in the Projector …. This is how our new year celebration goes how abbout yourssssss

Please share hope your celebration can be adding more to enjoy us….