To live the life of a woman is like an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is a fate of woman to undergo all pressure, expectations and obligations from beyond levels of life. A woman has to take it for oneself whatever the life offers. At the end, a woman is considered as “weaker sex”.

Apart from that, the most difficult part is being a mother. The effort involved is incomparable. People around the world with weak knowledge about feminism, comment on motherhood without even giving a thought of it. But still, there are few women in this world who choose to prove what true feminism is and glory of motherhood.

Here’s a wonderful post shared by Humans of Bombay, a journey of the mother beating the odds being in the stereotypical society.

To-be-mother or new to motherhood, woman, you would have also faced all these in your life. After reading this, for sure there will be an uplift in your life. Strong words and obligations crossed by this woman are a sheer inspiration. This woman deserves everyone’s respect!

Source: Humans of Bombay