How Women Reacted To Donald Trump Becoming The President?

The entire world came to a silence yesterday when Donald Trump pulled off an unbelievable yet stunning upset over Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections in the USA. While this comes across as a
surprise for many of us from around the world, the more popular celebrities who were also against Donald Trump went into a unified denial mode expressing shock and surprise at the turn of events
on the d-day.

We summarise here some of the reactions from women all over the world.

Hillary Clinton

Firstly, the Democratic candidate and the first woman to have ever reached the final round of elections – Hillary Clinton. While we all thought Hillary would pull off an easy victory, the Americans
thought, reacted and voted otherwise!

Hillary gave an emotional yet motivational speech accepting her defeat graciously and also expressing her wish that Donald Trump should be a good president for “all Americans”. The speech, which
brought many women to tears, was also filled with encouragement for women and girls of America and the world and asking them to be confident and take on the fight against misogyny.

Some excerpts here:

One of the most popular celebrities to actively participate and urge the public to oppose Trump’s misogynistic and racist views was JK Rowling. She expressed complete shock at the way Americans
ignore voting for Hillary and for ignoring their right to choose the correct candidate.

She continued to retweet and respond to a select few Trump followers who bullied her, asking her to leave the country! Now, this is something that most Hillary supporters will have to get used to in
the next few days.

Miley gets emotional

One of the most emotional reactions of this Presidential elections came from Miley Cyrus who posted a tear-filled explanation of how she feels along with a helpless acceptance of Donald Trump as her

It is to be noted that Miley Cyrus, an open lesbian, has been one of the most vocal opposers of Donald Trump’s homophobic, racist and misogynistic opinions and his candidature as the president.

Katy Perry rallying the public

Katy Perry posted her immediate reaction on Twitter with a “We Will Never Be Silenced” message as the official response from the women of America and the anti-Trump brigade.

She continued to post more tweets and interacted with a few fans of hers urging them not to stop their mission against hate.

Lady Gaga opposes in front of Trump Towers

Another singer and Grammy award winner Lady Gaga posted a pic on her Instagram account of her standing in front of the Trump Towers with a “Love Trumps Hate” sign.

Singer and Academy award winning actress Cher said:

The public expresses fear and disappointment!

It was not just about the celebrities but also the general public who expressed fear at what their immediate future was going to turn into.


A very interesting voting summary was posted by Lauren Mayberry:


Indian women aren’t that happy as well!

Finally, India’s own Lady Funny Bones, Twinkle Khanna too expressed her opinion citing this as a “nightmare”.

While we hope nothing untoward happens in America, all we can do is wait and watch what “the Donald” and his supporters do for/to women, LGBTQ community and people of other races!

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia and Twitter