• charity extinguishes the Lord`s anger and repels evil death.
  • Do not withhold or GOD withholds from you. Give away whatever you can afford.
  • the most excellent charity is that you feed a hungry stomach.
  • protect yourself against the fire, even if it be only by giving a piece of date, and if one cannot even fulfi; this, then by saying a good word.
  • do not look down on anything good, even if it is meeting your own brother with a cheerful face.
  • whoever is NOT merciful to others will not be treated with mercy
  • if you do deeds of righteousness, verily HE is most forgiving to those who turn again and again in true penitence.
  • and render to the kindred their due rights, as also to those in want, and to the wayfarer: but squander not  in the manner of a spendthrift
  • true charity consists in finding out those in real need, whether  they ask or not.

ZAKAAT- obligatory annual charity tax of 2 1/2% of one`s wealth.


zakaat is  one of the 5 pillars of Islaam and failure to discharge that obligation is regarded not only as a grave SIN but also as a fault of faith,……

The payment of zakaath formulates healthy impact on the giver, recipients, and the society at large, it purifies the assets of the giver, restraints his lust for material goods and creates in him the virtue of sharing his wealth with others.