Worst Positions of sleeping

SOS. Sleeping on your sides is the best and worst option during pregnancy, depending on which side you choose. You should be sleeping on the left side only. Pressure on the Vena Cava, which is located on the right side of your body, can restrict blood flow to the fetus and cause dizziness, faintness and nausea for mom. This is especially important during the latter pregnancy stages.

Back Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers. I’m sorry to say that back sleepers and stomach sleepers, like myself, won’t be able to find that normal comfort spot in the latter  pregnancy stages. Back sleeping places pressure on organs and blood vessels, this can lead to lowered BPand nausea. Stomach sleeping is out of the question as your abdomen grows to the point where it becomes too big for comfortable sleep.

Wrong Sitting Positions In Pregnancy

Sitting positions during pregnancy have an impact on your health, and also on your baby. That is why, sitting properly is one of the pregnancy habits that you need to develop diligently. You need to understand that you are carrying a life inside you, and your careless sitting positions during pregnancy may harm the baby. Not only does the baby gets disturbed, even the mother may have serious problems due to the wrong kind of pregnancy habits.For example, backache during pregnancy is largely a side effect of improper positions while sittting. That is why, you must try to avoid these wrong positions during pregnancy.

The Slouch:
Usually when we are sitting casually at home, we slouch. This sitting position is improper for pregnant women because it does not keep the back straight.The SC (Spinal cord)is already taking the strain of your increased weight, slouching will only make matters worse.

Sitting With Legs Hanging: Working women who are pregnant should be extra cautious in this regard. Sitting with your legs hanging will increase blood flow to your legs. Swelling of legs is anyway common during pregnancy. This improper sitting position will only aggravate your condition.

Sitting Without Backrest: Sitting without a backrest will only strain your back further. You already suffer from backache during pregnancy. So it is best to give your back as much support as possible and always keep your spinal cord straight. Never sit on stools or low back chairs during pregnancy.

Bent Forward Sitting Position: When you sit bent forward you are putting pressure on your baby bump. Not only is this absolutely uncomfortable for the mother but also dangerous for the baby. In the advanced stages of pregnancy, your ribcage may dig into your baby’s soft body and leave permanent marks.

Half Sitting Position:
Most often, we tend to be in a haft sitting position when we are in bed. Half sitting positions put a lot of pressure on the spinal cord. That is why, you will start feeling a sharp pain in your back if you sit like this for long.These were some of the wrong sitting positions during pregnancy that you must avoid in order to be comfortable.