Hi Cmoms,

Just wanted to share my 2-day trip with office team to Yelagiri….

We stayed in Rhythms lake view resorts at Yelagiri. The name ‘lake view’ is 100% apt for them. After the resort’s compound wall, it’s the lake. I stayed ina room (305) whose windows face the lake. There is no words to express how the view was early morning! So here is the picture 🙂

From the beginning I was talking to one Mr.Kumaran (mobile no: 9486677461) of Rhythms resort, who was very responsive. The whole experience in the hotel was very good. Everyone were very kind and helping.

Kumaran asked us to tell him few minutes before we checked in. Since we were late, we directly went to the lunch before we checked into our room. The food was served hot and it was good. Only thing is they served in less quantity, so the vessels got empty sooner and we had to wait till it was refreshed. But since it was a buffet only for our team of 35, it was ok for us! There was another group of people and they were served buffet at another place. Every time our buffet was served in different places and it was really good of the resort people!

There is a small play area for the kids, a lawn, a stage+open air theatre. After lunch and refreshments, we went for boating – it’s only 10 min walk from the resort. We walked back to the resort enjoying the sunset!


We had tea and snacks at the resort. I must mention that the bajji and vada that a lady sold near this resort at the lake tasted good! And can you guess what would be the price? It’s only Re.1 per bajji…. Can you believe it?!

Then we drove to the nature park+musical fountain. The park was great only that we were so late and it was dark to see much! So we went to the musical fountain and couldn’t sit for more than 10 min. Only for one music, the fountains were ok. For other songs, it didnt synchronize at all. So we left the park to enjoy the camp fire!

Camp fire was the only negative thing I could think of the resort. There was not much space for the camp fire, so they put some logs in a big iron grill and kept it in one corner. So didnt enjoy the camp fire. But they gave us the stage and the music system (its an open air theatre, so the music was very good). The guys enjoyed dancing on the stage. It was like good old college days!

Next day we had a trecking guide organized by the resort people. They asked us which treck we’d like to take – 1.5 hrs or 2.5 hrs. And you could guess what we chose! yes, its the 1.5 hrs treck very near to the lake. It was a good one too…

After the trecking, we had our breakfast and packed out things to go to the farm!

It was our relative’s coconut farm where we had to walk – crossing a small stream and the picturesque site of the yelagiri mountains. Another treck! It’s the kusalpet village. There was a check dam where the guys enjoyed till the vaniambadi biryani arrived! We ate the sumptuous biryani at the farm and left back to chennai.

That was a great trip with so many activities done on 2 days.