Hi moms,

There are many ways to control blood pressure but yoga is the best way to reduce blood pressure without having any side effects since medicine will cause side effects but yoga wont.. So moms here are few tips to control pressure by yoga …

If you know any other way then please share here, these tips will help many of them who have blood pressure..

 Pressure is caused on the veins and arteries and yoga helps to reduce the unnecessary pressure caused on the mind and the body of the individual. The chief cause of hypertension can be stress or injury and if the cause is known, it can greatly help in the treatment of blood pressure.

Yoga relieves the body from hypertension and these postures which help to control the blood pressure are easy to learn and practice.

Alternate nostril breathing helps to clear the nasal tracts and increases the breathing ability. This also helps to have clear thinking and become free from all the negativity covering the mind. It also helps to meditate and think keenly on any topic. It reduces the anxiety which is the chief reason of the abnormality in the pressure of the blood.

Other important reason for the blood pressure is indigestion and gastritis in the stomach. Yoga helps in digestion and helps in healthy functioning of the digestive system. The wind relieving pose provides comfort by elimination of excess gas in the body.