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Abacus Classes - Chennai

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    Abacus is actually a calculating tool which was used in Russia, Europe and China before starting the use of written Hindu-Arabic Numeral System. Making childrens to join in Abacus classes helps the children to have a sharp brain. It also helps children to be confident in Mathematics as most children fear Maths. Because Abacus helps children to have better focus, children can excel easily not only in Maths but also have a boost in their total academic performance.

    Classes and services:

    Don’t we want our child to excel and be good in academics. Abacus is the right choice to send your child to inorder to be in Academics. It gives lot of confidence for the child as he/she can easily solve the mathematical problems and focus on subjects really well.
    UCMAS is the acronym for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System. We do observe that children of this generation learn really fast. Even parents don’t know to open or find games in mobile, but if we give the mobile to children within minutes they start playing games in it. In such a smart generation, with competition, UCMAS gives the essential skills to excel through life. It improves concentration, observation, listening, imagination, visualization, etc in children. They can easily understand Base-ten number system, place values, carrying & borrowing, etc.