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Co-Curricular Training - Chennai

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    Co-Curricular Training For Your Kids:

    A child’s expertise in other activities can help the child to express his/her talents in totally different domains. Which parent does not wish their child to be an expert in chess, dance or drawing. It’s every parent’s dream to see their child to excel at everything.

    Classes and services For Your Kids:

    Parents do hear a lot of chess classes around them but are often confused which one is best. Don’t worry about finding the best chess class for the child. We have a list of good chess classes which will help your children to achieve their dreams.
    Every child is a living soul, born with a wonderful mind. One way of making the child to focus on their dreams is to start meditation at an young age. It promotes good habits in child and helps them to stay calm and understand situations better. Any parent would love a well natured child who respects everyone.
    When the baby is in the womb, it can actually listen to the sounds nearby and is one among the first senses that the baby develops. When the baby starts moving, it shakes its leg to sounds and enjoys music. Most parents recognize this talent in the kid and help them to nurture it by sending them to dance classes.
    A child begins to write by using crayons. It is a very happy feeling for the parent to hold the hands of the young ones and help them to write. This is also a foundation for the children to learn the beautiful art of drawing. Kids draw well without even knowing that it is a talent.
    When a child is born, most of the parent see the child playing with colors, paint the wall with so many different designs. Even in some families they don’t erase or repaint them, they have them as a memory to look back again. This wonderful habit is well-nurtured and turned into an activity of painting which makes the child express whatever he/she feels.
    Some of the families consider singing to be a tradition and a must. They love their children to participate in singing at temples and consider it as a privilege to praise god and to be connected in Hindu religion. Vocal Coach or Singing teacher help the child to be an expert in these activities and also help to nurture the voice of the child.