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Play Schools - Chennai

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    We wonder what is this playschool, why should we send our children to playschool. Playschool is an informal nursery group which teaches various skills by fun-based methods. There are many groups which run playschool. Example a Father’s’ group is run by local dads, Grandparents group, Groups with children with a disability, etc.

    Classes and services:

    As parents, we always wish that our child feels happy to go to school rather than feeling separated from the mother or feeling away. Then, don’t worry, Playschool helps your child to be comfortable in a new environment. It does this by making the environment really fun. So, by the end of it, your child will not be stressed out to go to school.

    We live in a neighborhood where children learn a lot at a young age due to the exposure to media. They learn quickly by watching rhymes on TV, etc. Preschool is the right place for your child to grow stronger and be confident as they teach academics according to the age and help to develop the social skills in a child.
    Kindergarten school is mandatory for the child. Unlike preschool which happens only once a week or so. Kindergarten is held regularly. It has academic goals and starts at the age of 5+. Kindergarten also creates self-awareness and respect for others. It provides joy learning from group activities like talking, drawing, etc.