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Health and Fitness - Chennai

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    Health and Fitness Centers for Women

    Moderate exercise is necessary for everyone. It can actually help to reduce stress levels and has lots of other benefits too. If the exercise workout is boring for a woman, then they can vary the exercise routine to make it more interesting. Nowadays women are more health conscious and try to keep themselves healthy. Health and Fitness both are important. Diet and not having bad habits also plays a crucial role in leading a happy life.

        Why Spa, is it necessary to go to Spa. Many questions cross our mind when we hear about Spa. Going to the Spa is really good for health as they provide Heat treatments which stimulate blood circulation & purification of body, Therapeutic muds which exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate toxins & increase circulation, Body wraps which remineralize the body, replenish it with nutrients & elements lost on daily basis. Ladies Beauty Parlour helps to be up to date with recent trends and helps to have soft and beautiful hands.

    Any Massage improves blood circulation, delivers oxygen & nutrients to cells, it also stimulates Lymphatic system(a system which carries away body’s waste), most importantly it releases Serotonin & makes the mind feel good. These are the general benefits of massage.

    Body massage center for a woman fertility issue will help to reposition titled fetus, promote hormonal balance, provide fresh blood to the uterus, reduce stress, endocrine system communication enhances, and also helps the body to get rid of old stagnant blood & tissues.

    All neighbors, pregnant woman, homemakers try to go to gym and exercise. Still thinking that gym can only keep you fit?. Here are some other benefits of Woman going to gym, they are they can get an instant glow, as exercise revitalizes skin cells. You can also look young as it soothes brain chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine which reduce stress & reverse the aging process, a study showed this in 2011. Sweating during gym training helps to, flush debris out and corrects hormonal imbalances which can cause acne.

    Most working men and woman give the least importance to weight and have improper eating habits and sleeping habits. It is very easy to get a lot of health problems if a person is obese, such as Coronary Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, even some cancers like breast or bowel cancer and Strokes. It is very much essential to maintain Ideal weight, so many Weight loss centers mainly focus on the diet schedule. Need not worry that it is going to be eating less, it is actually eating conservatively including important nutrients and reducing excess fat.

    Yoga is very much essential for a woman as it eases uterus contractions that can result in cramps. A restorative practice of Yoga supports the woman in times of low energy. Although women are intellectually far ahead than men, research showed that women are likely to suffer depression than men. Going Yoga classes helps women to  reduces stress and anxiety levels. Yoga helps to get a body awareness and also engage the muscles a lot. Thus it helps to stand tall, look confident and healthy. Yoga may not directly help in weight loss, but it creates a mindfulness and the way one relates to the body. This makes the woman stay aware what they eat and also since Yoga keeps mental health good, a woman can avoid depression which is the cause for eating most processed foods.

    A very popular fitness program we come across these days is Zumba. Is it a dance or Is it an exercise?. Zumba is actually a dance fitness program created by Colombian choreographer and dancer “Beto” Perez in 1990. It incorporates choreographies of Soca, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Lunges, Samba, and Hip-hop. Zumba really helps to reduce weight loss as just one hour of Zumba burns 446 calories and is also like dancing.

    What is Aerobics? Is it difficult or easy, should we be ready to lift persons in it? Aerobics is actually physical exercise which has rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching & strength training routines. Aerobics helps to attain ideal weight, also prevents certain types of cancer too, recovers mood & avoids depression, increases the quality of sleep, augments endorphins, the heart becomes stronger. Aerobics actually has many types like Dance Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Low Impact Aerobics, etc.
    Pilates actually consists of Low-impact flexibility, endurance, and muscle strength movements, which emphasizes proper postural alignment, muscle balance & core strength. Pilates may not be recommended for people who have Unstable blood pressure, the risk of blood clots, Severe Osteoporosis, or herniated disk. While choosing a Pilates Instructor make sure that he/she has completed the Comprehensive training to program and able to adapt exercises for special needs