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Pregnancy Counseling - Chennai

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    Pregnancy Counseling in Chennai:

    Pregnancy is actually huge transition in woman’s life involving a complex mix of emotions both good & bad. Depression & Anxiety are very common psychological problems that women face during pregnancy. Taking psychological counseling would be helpful to come out of the problems, while some persons may need to take medication along with counseling. There is nothing to worry or feel wrong about taking counseling, it actually helps to feel better.
    Dance Movement therapy is really good during pregnancy, it reduces stress, prevents diseases and gives a better mood. DMT helps with Mental Health issues like Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive Issues like Dementia, Communication issues and Social issues like Autism, Aggression/Violence, etc. A dance movement therapist is conscious of what movements to offer and what not to. Since it is done under the supervision of experts, it’s safe.
    Anxious, depressed during pregnancy?. Psychological training is offered at many places in the name of Personality Development Centers. They are not like counseling, they offer general tips on how to handle problems during pregnancy. And it is like a class, so you can meet people, discuss your problems, find solutions and it is the best way to come out of psychological problems faced during pregnancy. Most importantly you can share your thoughts with women facing the same problem.